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High End and Cost Optimized
Infrastructure Designed for your Business

Cloud computing strategies are an integral part of every IT department’s goals. 5 Nines Consulting will map your business strategy to your cloud strategy.

We will help you properly plan your migration and keep costs inline with expectations.


Based in Maryland, 5 Nines is an Information Technology Consulting Services Company.

Our Services

Bringing Clarity to the Cloud

5 Nines Consulting provides Information Technology infrastructure consulting services. We have been providing CIO’s and CTO’s of large government agencies and fortune 500 organizations strategic direction for two decades. Whether you are looking to upgrade your server infrastructure or develop a strategy to deliver your next product line, 5 Nines will guide you to success.

Bringing the best results from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Leveraging the flexibility and scalability of public cloud offerings is...  

Microservices have revolutionized the way software is developed. Cloud Native applications are being developed at a rapid pace, but infrastructure teams have been slow to adapt to...

When it comes to complex workflows, 5 Nines has the answer. We have been orchestrating and automating workflows for decades. Now, there are workflow tools which help you visualize, ...

Leveraging OpenShift, Kubernetes, Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager and VMware vSphere to enable the best results from your internal IT resources.

At 5 Nines we are...

An evaluation of your overall business strategy coupled with our best of breed approach to infrastructure, policies and organization structure.

Planning for the future...

The first human genome was sequenced in 2003. Now, biomedical and genomic data is a foundation of research, medicine, and health.

5 Nines supports the world's largest research...

Typing on a Keyboard
"At 5 Nines Consulting, we redefine IT consulting by focusing on partnership over placement. Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who don't just fill a seat; they are committed to your success.”

John Hoffman, Owner of 5 Nines

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